Ad Hoc

Expert occasionally appointed to issue an opinion on a proposal for a research project or an opinion on any technical issue, at the request of the Advisory Boards, the Scientific Director or the Board of Trustees. Commonly referred to as “ad hoc”.



Expression used by FAPEMIG to characterize the demand made at any time and in any area of knowledge, spontaneously, not linked notices or thematic calls.



Person receiving support from FAPEMIG through one of the forms of grants or aid for participation in events.


Thematic calls

Call for proposals related to issues considered priorities by FAPEMIG, stablished in accord with the government policies of scientific and technological development that receive own name according to the object or purpose for which they are intended.


For an institution to be accepted as a MANAGING INSTITUTION by Fapemig, it needs to submit a set of documents to the Legal Department. After the analysis and checking of these documents, if completed and in accordance with legal requirements, Fapemig will consider it, through the publication in the official gazette “Minas Gerais”, as accredited to act as manager of projects developed with financial support of the Foundation.


Incidental expenses of import

Taxes, rates and any sort of burden on basic costs of imported materials and equipment, under pertinent legislation.


Managing entity

Nonprofity entity, usually stablished by academic institutions, accredited by FAPEMIG (see ACCREDITATION) to exercise the financial management function of the projects developed with financial support of the Foundation.


Steady flow

Expression used by Fapemig to characterize the support requests that do not need to conform to fixed annual timetables for presentation, but must be submitted obeying minimum periods previously established so that it can receive the necessary processing to analysis and judgment.


Normative instruments

Set of documents (Deliberations, Resolutions, Ordinances, Manuals) in which are fixed the procedures or standards to be followed by Fapemig or institutions and researchers who seek its support.



Institution or subunits of the organizational structure of the implementing agency of the research project, which has accessory role in guiding the work agreed between the parties through the Grant Agreement and Acceptance of Assistance.



Institution that formally assumes with Fapemig the obligations laid down in the Grant Agreement and Acceptance of Assistance and to which the Foundation transfers the resources required to perform the work agreed between the parties.



FAPEMIG, in Grant Agreements and Acceptances of Assistance.



Researcher responsible for presenting the support request to FAPEMIG and that will be, as a rule, the technician responsible for the conduct of the proceedings or actions that come to get support from the Foundation.


Grant Agreement and Acceptance of Assistance

Document that limits the goals, purpose, conditions, levies, penalties and other provisions for GRANTING of the aid by Fapemig to the institution or, eventually, to the researcher to carry out the work, object of the allocation of the resources provided by the Foundation.