Disseminating science and technology throughout society is part of FAPEMIG's mission. This attribution is provided in Article 3, Chapter II, Law 11.552, of August 3, 1994, which provides for the aims and competencies of the Foundation. In relation to scientific dissemination, FAPEMIG sees a possibility for the democratization of knowledge as well as the opportunity to publicize research conducted in Brazil, especially in Minas Gerais.

This mission had its origins in the scientific project  'MINAS FAZ CIÊNCIA'  sponsored by FAPEMIG. Created in 1998, the project began with a series of videos produced in partnership with Rede Minas - the State television channel. The next steps were the creation of the quarterly journal 'Minas promotes Science' distributed free of charge; a monthly lecture series and a website. The project was expanded in 2011 with the podcast series 'Waves of Science', television programs Science in the Air and the blog 'Minas Faz Ciência' www.minasfazciencia.com.br .

In over ten years of existence, the project has grown and established itself as a major initiative for the dissemination of science in the country. Having targeted the lay public, the project uses visual language that is accessible and attractive for discussing progress, findings, implications and controversies in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation. In providing information, we hope to encourage the involvement of people in decisions about the policies and direction of production of CT & I, as well as, contribute to the strengthening of a scientific culture in the country.

Responsibility for production lies with FAPEMIG's Social Communication and Scientific Communication Program, Technology and Innovation consultancy teams. In addition to producing material for different vehicles, the group fosters reflection on scientific journalism and the prevailing mode of production.